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John X Masturbation Masterpiece

John X Masturbation Masterpiece DVD Streaming Video VOD
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Scene Description

Running Time: 63 Minutes

This Title Will Be Discontinued March 24, 2011. BUY IT NOW!

The ultimate male masturbation video has arrived! This compilation DVD has three amazing masturbation scenes featuring John X from John's Nasty Video, John's Muscle Bear Video, and John X Cums To Vegas. Watch as this hot hairy muscular man does ass to mouth (ATM) with carrots, strokes his hard cock, shoots big loads, and eats his own cum! This is John X at his wildest doing whatever it takes to make you cum!

Just this first scene will blow you away. A nude and muscular man (John X) enters the kitchen and goes to the refrigerator. John X selects carrots and cucumbers to jam up his tight asshole. That's not all though. After John X bangs his asshole with the carrot, he sucks the carrot right out of his ass! Then John X goes the extra mile to make you cum by eating the carrot he just pulled out of his ass! John X then stretches his tight asshole with a cucumber for our viewing pleasure. John X then strokes his beautiful curved cock and shoots his cum into a clear measuring cup and pours his own hot semen into his mouth and plays with his cum for us! Most videos would end here, but John X isn't done yet. Now, John X mixes his own hot sperm with pudding and fills a turkey baster with this mix and proceeds to fill his hot asshole with pudding and his own cum! Really! There's more too. Then John X squeezes the pudding out of his ass for all of us to see - WOW! And just when you thought this couldn't get any wilder, John X licks up the cum and pudding mix that just came out of his ass off of the kitchen floor! You MUST see this scene!.

In the next scene, a muscular hairy man with a goatee gets a little nasty for us! This muscle bear starts out innocent enough masturbating on his bed. Then the hairy muscular man puts a condom on his perfect hard curved cock and masturbates with the condom on! We get a close-up of him cumming in the condom while we listen to him moan in ecstasy! This hairy muscular man gets a little nasty and drinks his own hot cum from his jizz-filled condom! So you like men who eat their own cum!

This scene is incredible and will have you screaming for more! John X takes his nude muscular hairy body outside on the patio and sits down and starts playing with his hairy cock and balls. He gets his beautiful curved cock erect and picks up a cantaloupe with a hole in it, and starts fucking the fruit! You can hear the slurping sound as this muscular hairy man fucks the daylight out of this cantaloupe. He stokes his hard cock some more and fucks the fruit some more and finally shoots his hot cum into the hole of the cantaloupe! This is wild enough of a scene, but John X pushes it further by licking his hot white semen from the cantaloupe and sticking his cum covered tongue into the hole in the fruit to eat all of his own cum! You got to see this scene!

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